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New Products!

Monadnock Vapor has received a shipment of new kits, e-liquids, and some old favorites! Space Rocks is back with a new look and a new name! Twist E-liquids purchased the SKU for Space Rocks, and bring you Space No. 1! The Strawberry Kiwi Pop Rocks flavor you love and miss is now available in the Twist Double packs for $25 or a single bottle for just $14! New Cloud Nurdz Flavors, Vaporesso Kits, Smok Kits, and more are in stock and available now!

New Products:

  • Space No. 1 2x 60mL

  • Vaporesso Luke II Kit

  • Smok Pozz Pro

  • Cloud Nurdz Ice 100mL

  • The Milk 100mL

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